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Masahilo Nakazono Sensei 1918 ~ 1994

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Masahilo Nakazono 7th dan AikiKai...Nakazono Sensei will always hold a special place in the hearts of British Aikido pioneers and their students. He was the first Japanese Aikido teacher to be invited to Britain to teach Aikido by the legendry Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Nakazono Sensei became a regular visitor to Britain before moving to the USA in 1970.
Before coming to Britain Nakazono Sensei was the AikiKai representative for Europe and North Africa. Sensei was based in both Paris and Marseilles.
Nakazono Sensei completely changed Aikido in the UK forever. His style of Aikido had changed from that of Abbe Sensei. Nakazono Sensei was instructed to regrade all 8 UK dan grades to the then present day AikiKai standards.


British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show by Henry Ellis ~ The Arrival of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Development of Budo in the UK.

Nakazono Sensei in Vietnam with Dang Phong Sensei.In the late fifties Nakazono Sensei left Japan. He became combat instructor for the police and paratroopers of the South Vietnamese army teaching Judo and Aikido. He then moved to Singapore where he opened a dojo in 1958.

The Masahilo Nakazono Family Memorial Shrine on Nakazono Sensei's Mexico Ranch.

Read Jiro Nakazono's Tribute to his father. Click here> Jiro Nakazono Tribute

My Teacher. Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono Sensei.

Nakazono Sensei was a very acomplished man in so many ways, the man I first met was a 7th dan in Aikido. Sensei was also a 6th dan Kodokan Judoka and also highly ranked in Kendo, which I saw devastatingly displayed against Tomio Otani the UK National Coach for Kendo, they both shared a ``friendly `` challenge, my good friend Tomio was totally overwhelmed. That was the man of Budo. Sensei was also a healer and acupuncturist,he had followed many generations of the Nakazono family tradition in natural healing...This long tradition is now continued by Sensei's son Jiro, in the name of ``Jei Atacama ``..For more information Visit > Jei Atacama Healing Centre
The high regard in which Nakazono Sensei was held in the UK was shown by the 50 year Memorial organised by myself and other Aikido pioneers in appreciation of a `man` we still old in such high esteem.

Henry Ellis
6th dan Aikikai Hombu.


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The Masahilo Nakazono Memorial Event 2007

Left:..The Brochure of the " Masahilo Nakazono Memorial Event 2007 "..The souvenir brochure is based on the 1963 Kenshiro Abbe National Championships held at the Royal Albert Hall London, where M Nakazono Sensei participated. A special memorial event was held in Neath, South Wales UK to recognise the contribution of Masahilo Nakazono Sensei to the promotion of British Aikido....During the early planning of the event we contacted Jiro Nakazono Sensei the second son of Nakazono Sensei who readily accepted our invitation to be our VIP guest instructor. From that day the friendship we had know for so long with Nakazono Sensei would now continue with his son Jiro Nakazono right.

                                                                                                       Jei Nakazono Sensei

Left: Jei Nakazono Sensei & Dang Phong Sensei pay tribute to the memory of Mikoto ` Masahilo ` Nakazono Sensei...Right:..The event was sold out as one can see from the group photo at the start of the event...It was a great event where I am sure that Nakazono Sensei was smiling on us that day...The last three British Aikido pioneers Haydn Foster ~ Henry Ellis ~ Derek Eastman taught along side Jei Nakazono Sensei & Phong Sensei.........

The Life of Nakazono Sensei ~ In French ~ Needs Translation. Masahilo Nakazono
Mutsuro "Masahilo" Nakazono Sensei 1968 Film M Nakazono 1968 Film
Mutsuro "Masahilo" Nakazono Sensei 1968 Film Nakazono Sensei Film Paris 1963

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